White Lounge

In a land of so many diverse folks, there is one pursuit that binds a billion people together – food!

Naturally, the range of dining experiences tries to recreate the Indian fervour for food, other than Continental, Chinese and international.

Naturally, the range of dining experiences tries to recreate the Indian fervour for food, both Indian and international.

Representing the north are succulent kebabs and fragrant biryani’s while the southern cuisines are spoken for by some delectable curries.

Our exquisite dining area where our guests experience a symphony of flavours. During lunch hours, our guest’s sail through a gastronomical journey of an unlimited buffet of world cuisine and savour the strums of a light music. No additional conditions apply at INR 199/- (Incl. of all taxes).

Our current offer on Buffet Lunch:
Welcome Drink
1 Veg & Non-Veg Starter
2 Non-Veg Main Course
Desserts and much more
Children Below 5 years walk in free
Above 5Years Just Add INR 99/-

You can relish at White Lunge between 12.30 to 3.30pm or call for reservations at +91-9945179112, +91-9916520962

White Lounge is the ultimate destination for food lovers keen to sample some of the world’s finest cuisines. As its Multi Cuisine, you can go back and try a different cuisine! As it’s a Multi Cuisine offering, you can eat as much as you like and more! Simply choose from the dishes on display during our buffet lunch or choose from the Alacarte menu and our master chefs will immediately cook you a meal in no time.

Experiment and try something you’ve never had before, the world has been cooking, it’s time you tried it! We’ll be at your service.

Open Air Barbeque and Live Kitchen:

The kitchen reflects a true country and well as desi style feeling and adjoins a bright, exquisite dining room charmingly.

E-Zone also offers a large pergola-shaded table and an open-air fully equipped kitchen with cooking appliances and a wood fire BBQ. Live-in staff guarantees maximum comfort, quality service and personalized attention. So the next time you are planning to host a BBQ party or a Sunday brunch on a cool Sunday afternoon for friends and family or business and leisure you know whom to call. Thou experience relaxation by the pool, under a sunny afternoon or the star-lit sky as you taste delicious grilled kebabs from the live kitchen.

The pleasant environs, a cool breeze filled with the most delightful aromas and food that will transport your senses into a different world with every bite, give you an experience that’s hard to forget.

Head to E-Zone’s open air barbecue and spend a most enjoyable evening.

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