E-Zone offers a perfect combination of hospitality, business, Entertainment and leisure. At E-Zone club, we believe that spending time with colleagues, family and friends reinforces the bond of togetherness. When you and your family enjoy quality time, you are reinforcing your spirits, rediscovering communications and having fun while doing so.

Let E-Zone help you fulfil your commitment to spending a quality time with your family and friends. Allow yourself to be pampered by our quality staff while your kids play at the kids club or having fun in the pool made just for them. We are truly committed to taking care of your needs as you enjoy the daily activities, theme parties and events at the club. Get ready for some family fun, the kind of fun you deserve. What truly makes us different from the crowd is the style in our approach.

Sun down, and the E-Zone club metamorphoses its entire ambience to reflect the true pulsating energy. Our Chefs and bar attenders bring out a very eclectic, contemporary ala carte dinner menu with signature and successful creations. Our sommeliers are always at hand to suggest the right wine or cocktail or the perfect drink that is accompaniment to the menu. With the spirit for every occasion, the E-Zone club will always certainly exceed your expectations. E-Zone has truly grown into India’s largest promotions & events venue for Dance and DJ music.

Health Club-Games-Accommodation-Fun-Entertainment-Sports-Cultural Activities-Food come and enjoy all of this under one umbrella.

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