Our Team

Chairman- H. Venkatesh Reddy

Under the leadership of Mr. H. Venkatesh Reddy, E-Zone has established standing the current competition and making its mark. He is a seasoned businessman with experience ranging from constructions, transport and granites. He heads several businesses like Sri Maruthi Transports, Sri Maruthi Constructions and Sri Maruthi Granites. He is visionary with a wise and resolute sense of enterprise, that made his transition from entrepreneur to industry trendsetter with absolute panache and understated ability of experience over 25 years.
Every project of the group has Mr. H Venkatesh Reddy leading from the front, motivating a committed team to perform to its full potential.

Managing Director – Arvind Venkatesh Reddy

His strong individualistic style and experience in entertainment industry have helped him create a buzz around E-Zone Club in a very short span of 5 years. Arvind founded E-Zone Entertainment in 2005 a perfect combination of both Entertainment and leisure, focused on providing opportunities for fun, relaxation, social networking and partying all the time.

Under his dynamic leadership, the company has achieved the highest stature in professionalism, customer satisfaction and recognition in the entertainment and hospitality sector in Bangalore.

Arvind began his professional career by setting up a construction and real estate venture AVR Constructions that has successfully completed many commercial and residential complexes. He is actively involved in the day-to-day operations and activities of the company.

C.O.O – Abhishek Rai

Carries with himself an experience of around 7 years in the entertainment and hospitality industry. Looks in the minutest of the operational detail to make E-Zone the best in city. Comes up with ideas and solutions to problems that none could have thought existed. He has been with E-Zone right from the inception days.

Chief Chef – Dhanush

Behind every great meal is hours of shopping for the freshest ingredients from the best farmers markets, fish markets, cheese shops, spice shops and specialty markets. More hours are spent cleaning and cutting down the produce, some produce can be par-cooked, grains steamed, beans soaked and cooked and fish-poultry-meats cleaned and marinated with all the grill and extra ingredients to make the perfect recipe. This is how our chief chef ensures every meal served at E-Zone is a delight.

With an skill spanning international experience in regions like Dubai and gulf he has been around in many precious five star properties and hotels.

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